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Monday, 30 July 2012

Horace Dideu's perspective on the Indian mobile broadband market

Horace Dideu's Asymco is a must read if you want the story behind the numbers in the global mobile market. This is his perspective on the Indian mobile broadband market, in the context of Apple's growth path in developing countries. As always, the Indian paradigm is a baffling one with huge potential, yet so many barriers to growth. Smartphone adoption (especially iPhone adoption) is linked to penetration of mobile broadband, which continues to remain low in India. Yet the large base of feature phones (which are feature-rich handsets) represents an interesting area for marketers to focus on. Till the smartphone market expands, we will be targetting mobile mass India through the functionalities of feature phones and basic technologies like VAS, operator portals and voice-driven services. Even in this area, there is a lot of unexplored territory and a rich potential to connect with people.