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Saturday, 28 July 2012

News : India's growing mobile subscriber base

ViziSense has published the results of an online survey with 2000+ users of mobile internet in India. Some of the results are extremely interesting;

  • 87% of mobile internet users log in to the internet through their cellphones 2-3 times everyday. 
  • 54% of mobile internet users come from outside the top 8 cities indicating the wide reach of the medium beyond the metros
  • The consumption of content (especially news) on the 'second screen' has started to impact time spent with newspaper and television.

Most of India is going to get  the first taste of internet on their mobiles. Whether they access the net on smartphones, or on feature phones, there is potential to do a lot to engage them. Vernacuar content, rich content, apps, m-commerce : you name it and it's likely to get lapped up by the new wave of mobile internet users, already numbering 4.8 crores, and rapidly growing