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Friday, 3 August 2012

Are you paying attention to the woman internet user?

Nisha's post on her blog collates the emerging picture of the woman internet user. Dominating social networks like Facebook and Pinterest, emerging interest in gaming on mobile devices and increasing usage of technology are some of the key trends indicated by international research. It's also interesting to note that the female online TG is not necessarily youth-skewed. An increasing percentage of older women (30+) are also adopting new device factors like the iPad and smartphone, as technology becomes more friendly and intuitive.

The latest reports in the press show that women in India have lower access to internet and mobile phones compared to men. While the numbers may be fewer, there is strong reason to believe that gender differences in internet consumption will hold true in the Indian context. A quick check with women in your own social networks will confirm this.

It seems that the time is ripe to start profiling women users in-depth especially in the context of categories which are of interest to her - including shopping, cooking, health, children and pregnancy and home decor, just to name a few.