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Monday, 6 August 2012

Instagram and the User Experience

Today, we feature a thought provoking post from Fast Company Design, analysing in-depth the reason at the heart of Instagram's success : the user experience. 

The post highlights some simple coding tricks that Instagram uses to keep itself relevant and simple. Something that we found relevant to the Indian context is how Instagram makes the app always look 'live', as though it is working, even when it's not, because of a slow/bad network connection. And how important this is in a 2-G network dominant India! To see a button light up instantly rather than an eternal 'spinning wheel' or a message titled 'working'. It can take away so much of user frustration and save them so much time spent re-loading their snaps. The act of the interface reassuring you that your request is registered, is a HUGE thing, and so simple to implement. 

We look forward to reading and sharing more examples of inspiring user experience design.