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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mobile-first strategy for ecommerce in Asia

'Mobile first  strategy' is a new and hot trend with ecommerce sites who are betting on transactions through mobile devices rather than desktops and accordingly design the entire shopping experience to be mobile friendly. This post on ZDNet spells out the potential of a mobile-first approach especially in markets like India and China where cell phone penetration has overtaken PC penetration by leaps and bounds.

Check out startups like Hotel Tonight and Poshmark which have chosen the mobile-first approach. 

It may seem risky to go mobile only rather than have a dual approach with both website and mobile app. But there is a fundamental shift in vision, approach and execution of the user experience when you focus on mobile vs. PC. Think of Instagram vs. Flickr. The former was developed as a pure mobile app while the latter could not move out of the PC era. 

It will be interesting to track the success of the mobile e-commerce start-ups. India has been rather slow in adoption of mobile transactions but hopefully this will soon change!