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Monday, 27 August 2012

The Digital Faculty : learning tech

Readers connected with higher education would enjoy this piece on the 'Inside Higher Ed' website, which analyses in detail the findings of a recent survey among US college professors to understand their attitudes to usage of technology in education.

There are some interesting highlights in the report. Teachers are overwhelmingly positive about  using 'big data' to monitor and track student's progress, as they are about using the digital medium to deliver lectures while using class time more productively for discussions.

However, the traditional bastion of peer-reviewed publication continues to hold, with most teachers uneasy about open online resources or digital publication of papers outside the traditional academic process. Naturally we would expect such attitudes to change slowly, but meanwhile it is heartening to note that 71% of teachers are excited about digital libraries, and a majority look forward to e-textbooks and e-resources replacing traditional print media.

The field of education remains a high potential area for deployment of technology. It is heartening to see that teachers, who are often unfairly labeled as conservative and slow tech adopters, are positive and excited about the progress that technology would bring in their field