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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The role of the mobile web in apparel shopping

The results of an interesting study published recently by Google shows that online video and the mobile web play a huge role in apparel purchase. In fact, 2012 represents the first year when 60% of consumers surveyed either bought apparel online, or were influenced in their purchase decision by what they saw on the web.

Customers check prices and deals online, find directions to stores and even watch product videos to take buying decisions. In fact, video has emerged in the study as an important marketing tool to drive offline and online buying decisions for apparel. Not only were people more likely to buy clothes after watching a video, video watchers also emerged as heavier spenders on apparel. And unsurprisingly, most of this is being done on the mobile!

It's interesting to see how the web has managed to satisfy the needs of shoppers in a category which is so much about touch, feel, look and fit. And with technology advances it would soon be possible to try out clothes virtually as well. I am sure a program can be set up to use a webcam and some basic measurement inputs to calibrate your size and show how clothes will actually look on you. 

It seems that it will benefit both online and offline retailers of garments to capitalise on the mobile web

Source : Venture Beat