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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Facebook's creative solution for mobile advertising

Josh Constine has written a comprehensive article on TechCrunch about how Facebook has come up with a solution to monetise their mobile presence. As you may be aware, huge numbers of Facebook users access the site through their mobile and spend large amounts of time on it, but till now the company was technically unable to find a way to show ads on mobile, and therefore could not monetise this huge trend.

That's all set to change now and it's heartening to see that Facebook has found a creative solution. Instead of placing ads within the app/ feed, they will instead leverage their massive database by creating their own mobile ad network that will charge a premium to accurately target facebook users through other mobile apps and sites. As Constine points out, it is an innovative way to earn money without being intrusive in the core Facebook experience. Along with the newly launched promoted posts, it appears that the social networking giant is hitting a stride in its advertising thrust and finding newer ways to monetise its vast repertoire of knowledge about customers. Apart from Google, possibly no other company has such intimate understanding about its user base, or can define its user segments so richly. 

Increasingly, what we search, browse and share will define who we are in the digital space. Expect digital advertising to extract the maximum mileage from this information, whenever and wherever it is available!