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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Stats from the Twitterverse

Some interesting facts and figures on the Twitterverse from a post by Brian Solis on his blog. Brian has analysed the findings of a research done by Pew Internet in the US to show that Twitter is indeed mainstream and growing.

A summary of the interesting statistics

  • 100 million people are globally active on Twitter
  • 8% of US internet users are active daily on Twitter while 15% use the site
  • Men and women use Twitter equally, there is no gender bias
  • Usage of Twitter is highest in the age band of 18-29 and among the black population of the US. In fact, as of Feb 2012, Twitter adoption has been highest in the 18-24 age segment
  • Urban and suburban areas are more likely to use Twitter than rural areas
It is interesting to see the higher than average adoption of Twitter among Black and Hispanic populations in the US. And I would love to see a similar break up for India's 15 million + Twitter base.