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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The state of the internet

Henry Blodget's deck on the state of the Internet is a must read. With 138 slides packed with information about the global growth of internet, smart devices and modern media, it is a powerful testimony and evidence to everything that we know today about the mobile revolution that has swept the world.

Some interesting statistics emerging from the report are:

  • 2 billion people are online
  • Last year, smartphone sales overtook PC sales and tablets are set to follow suit
  • Nearly half of the US now owns a smartphone, and China now accounts for 1/4th of global smartphone sales.
  • Mobile devices account for 12% of global internet traffic
  • On mobile, people spend more time on apps than they do browsing the web
  • With $ 1089 billion value, the 'new media' companies like Apple and Google have overtaken the traditional media companies which are valued at just $366 billion
  • Portals are dying, with people spending more time on social media
  • Google will play a critical role in e-commerce with 60% of referrals to e-commerce sites being driven by the search giant.
Source : Business Insider