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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Using Pinterest for business

Social networking brand Pinterest has recently announced a set of features that make the brand more business friendly than before.  Company and brand owners can register their names, verify their account and are given exposure  to best practices for businesses on Pinterest, featuring examples of what other brands have  done.

While it' still early days to measure Pinterest's long term success as a branding or business tool, there are already a lot of case studies and examples on the net of brands who are getting their strategy right on the site. 

Many big brands seem to have slower traction and fewer number of followers on Pinterest compared to other social media options like Facebook and Twitter. But the attraction of Pinterest lies not in the scale of usage but rather the relevance and fit of the platform to the brand and its users. Additionally, there is evidence that the Pinterest can definitely drive sales and e-commerce through social referrals. 

It's not rocket science to figure what works on Pinterest. The site's demographic is female-biased, and the format encourages browsing and pinning of beautiful, colorful eye candy. Unsurprisingly, food, fashion, travel, furniture and decor and media all do well on Pinterest. The biggest brands on the site include Whole Foods (an organic food retailer), Amazon, Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens. 

The Fast Company has an interesting post on the some of the most creative ways in which brands have used Pinterest. Interesting reading to get inspiration for your brand!

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