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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A complete picture of the Indian mobile market 2012

As the facts and figures for 2012 pour in from multiple sources, there is one clear conclusion - the mobile market in India is growing at an explosive pace. Let's round up the stats to get the big picture:

1. Mobile Subscription Data

TRAI reports that as of September 2012, there are 906 million wireless subscribers in India. The share of urban subscribers is 66%. Overall teledensity is 77%, with urban teledensity at 155.  The number of 'active' subscribers in India is estimated at 699 million. Future growth is expected from rural markets, as urban subscriber base is showing early signs of slowdown and de-growth in the last quarter.

2. Smartphone penetration

According to analyst Mary Meeker's Global Internet Trends report, there are 44 million smartphone subscribers in India. The number is miniscule compared to China's 270 million smartphone subscribers, but YoY growth of smartphone users in India stands at 52%, even higher than China, and faster than global growth of the category.

Android smartphones are fuelling the fast growth of the category, with Google reporting a 400% rise in activations from India in 2012.

3. Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS)

Management Consulting Firm Zinnov reports that the Indian MVAS market was valued at USD 5 Billion in 2012 and is projected to grow to USD 6 Billion in 2013. 

4. Mobile internet usage

Mobile traffic surpassed the desktop PC in May 2012 accounting for 60%of total internet traffic in India. There are an estimated 60 million users of mobile internet, and a total base of 137 million internet  users.

India is one of the largest app markets in the world. App Annie's data for October 2012 shows that India was the third largest market for app downloads from Google Play, accounting for 6% share of total downloads.