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Friday, 22 February 2013

Building an app is as easy as creating a blog!

First, blogging sites made content creation easy, then website builders and content management systems made it possible to build a website without any coding knowledge, using a simple drag and drop interface. So, it should hardly be surprising to hear that now, building a mobile app has become simple and intutive.

TUAW carries an article on the 'beta' launch of Kleverbeast, an app authoring platform with a difference. As a user, you can access the service for a subscription starting at USD 29 per month, and build your app using a web-based interface on your PC. You can preview and test your app on a mobile device before you publish it. Kleverbeast will even take care of publishing for a fee, and will upload the app to the app store for you.

Small scale businesses can utilize this service for a DIY, cost-effective approach to blogging. Marketers in larger organisations might also find this a time-saving method to create apps for brands and services.

Source : TUAW