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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Insights into connected India

ComScore's latest report titled "2013 - India Digital Future in Focus" is packed with interesting data about connected India. As we reported this week in our newsletter, India now boasts of the third largest internet population in the world. The report projects an audience of 73 million internet users who access internet from a PC at home or work. If this seems a small figure, that's because it does not take into account mobile internet (2G/3G) users or people who access cyber cafes. And it is a small figure, compared to China, which already accounts for a whopping 50% of users in AsiaPac. India contributes just a modest 11% to this, but the opportunity for growth is obviously huge.

Some of the useful insights from the report are:

1) Growing base of female users
39% of internet users are women, and interestingly the heaviest internet users are women in the 35-44 age bracket. This is a prime target audience for most categories and brands. Clearly, we need more insight into female users. Research design also need not skew towards male internet users any more. 

2) Growing interest in blogs
Many of our clients have expressed interest in using blogs as a means to reach consumers, and research shows that this has been the fastest growing category this year, adding 36 million visitors. UGC (User generated content) has been slow to pick up in India, but now it looks like it is gaining momentum. A vibrant blogging community represents a fresh and interesting way for brands to engage with existing and potential customers.

3) Huge potential of online retail
Compared to the other BRIC nations, India has lagged behind in online retail. The reach of the category is only 60% and engagement is low. However, it is on a a growth trend and new products like foods, jewellery and luxury goods and health products represent the fastest growth trends. 

4) Travelling with the mouse
Surprisingly, Indians spend more time on travel sites than any other BRIC nation - and the reach of the category is also highest in comparison. Part of the reason would seem to be comparison shopping - Indians are keen to get the best bargain. It also suggests a lot of potential for sites and apps that help in planning travel.

5) Multi-screen access is becoming a reality
With growing usage of tablets and phones, weather, music, and even blogs are being accessed on the go. Multi-screen access requires strategies that are integrative and engage the audience through content as well as UX.

Source : ComScore