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Friday, 23 January 2015

10 Digital Statistics you must know

1. Out of 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers globally, 2.7 billion are in the developing world. (GSMA Intelligence)

2. 40% of the world (2.9 billion users) are connected to the internet. (ITU)

3. 64% of the unconnected global population lives in rural areas
4. In the last 5 years, internet has accounted for 10% of total GDP growth in China, India and Brazil (McKinsey and Company)

5. At least 85% of the world's population is covered by a 2G signal. 

6. India has 75% penetration of mobile connections (943 million) but just 19% penetration of internet - 243 million users.

7. In a survey by McKinsey and Company, 69% of respondents cited lack of awareness of benefits as the main reason for not using the internet,

8. India has the second highest web traffic in the world from mobile phones. 77% of the total web pages browsed in India were served to mobile phones. (WeAreSocial)

9. India scores extremely poorly in both awareness and usage of mobile money. Barely 0.3% of Indians have ever accessed a mobile money account - a worse record than our neighbours including Bangladesh (22%) and Pakistan (7%). (

10. Only 5% of the global population speaks English as a first language, yet 55% of websites are in English. Hindi does not feature among the top 10 languages of the web, despite being spoken by at least 500 million people globally.

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