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Friday, 24 November 2017

Passionate leaders inspire innovation!

Reading this piece of news got us thinking today;
Elon Musk builds the world's biggest battery in just 2 months

You may or may not like Elon Musk. You may be skeptical about his SpaceX project and his claims of rocket powered flying cars. You might have taken Zuckerberg's side in the very public spat that the two leaders had about the future of Artificial Intelligence.

But it's impossible to ignore that he is one of the few modern leaders who is genuinely driven by innovation, being the first to do what no one has done before, being the best. And we have missed such leaders on the scene, since Steve Jobs departed. We have missed them since Google went all corporate and Alphabet. There is nothing more awesome than seeing a leader having fun and charged up about the future. A leader with the spark of passion that ignites innovation.

In our opinion, if one were to apply the theory of archetypes, then Elon Musk for sure is a 'Magician'. What do you think?