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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Facing business adversity with humility - win hearts, to win the battle

When you are faced with a fight that threatens the very future of your business, will you react with aggression, or with humility?
Something that Eastern nations and cultures have taught the business world, is winning through humility. Humility can disarm opposition, and is the best way to negotiate one's way in an increasingly diverse world, where many factions need to be pleased/appeased. Strong arm tactics are not the best answer.
Huawei, the world's second biggest phone manufacturer, is caught in messy trade sanctions with the US that could cost the brand its future.
Google, Qualcomm, Intel and many more have announced ceasing support to the brand.
In China, protestors are proposing a counter-boycott of iPhone, which is considered an aspirational brand amongst its young population.
Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder, has however chosen to be graceful under pressure and said he would personally oppose such a ban.
“Apple is my teacher, it’s in the lead. As a student, why go against my teacher? Never", declared Mr. Zhengfei, who has earlier professed his love for Apple products and confessed that he buys them for his family.
We don't know if the US will relent, but meanwhile, Mr. Zhengfei is displaying the right attitude to force them to reconsider. Source : Fox News