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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Earned media is not equal to free media

Earned Media is not equal to free media.
A study by the American Association of Advertising Agencies showed just 4 percent of consumers believe advertisers and marketers practice integrity.
North Face, which is a highly respected brand - just did something to reinforce this perception, by replacing travel pictures on Wikipedia pages, with pictures that featured travellers wearing their merchandise. How North Face tricked consumers
The brand fell prey to the elusive quest for 'earned media' - which is touted as creating genuine consumer engagement - for free, or at negligible cost.
Unfortunately, earned media is not a product of advertising alone, but of 'brand do' - real actions that the brand takes, on ground, which build trust.
Earned media is earning consumer respect, which you are unlikely to get, boasting about how you outsmarted people into seeing your ads.
And if you use advertising to 'earn' media, you are increasingly likely to get negative and not positive attention.
My favorite example of a brand that thrives on earned media is Netflix. Users persuade non users to come onboard. Users talk about watch their favorite shows.
What examples of brands inspire you when it comes to earned media?
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