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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Smarter Voice Assistants will make AI more interesting and interactive

Many users of voice based home assistants, like Google Home and Alexa, enjoy chatting with them.
When I gifted Alexa to my parents, I expected that they would find her useful, but not that they would enjoy testing the limits of her knowledge by asking questions. They find it amusing to have dialogues with Alexa, and explore what she knows (sometimes they even try to teach her the correct answer, I hope she is listening!)
When my friends bring their kids over, Alexa is a highlight and they start 'chatting' with her right away.
In a blog for Helpage India, I had mentioned that one of the practical uses of Home Assistants is to assist elderly people in the absence of caregivers. These services can give elders reminders, answer questions and even offer some benefits of companionship.
So it's interesting to know that Alexa is developing better conversational abilities because I think this is one of the crucial consumer-facing opportunities for AI. Source : Fast Company
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