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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The challenge of being a service provider in India

It's really hard to be a service provider in India.
Indian customers are notoriously demanding, and complain vociferously against the smallest lapses by service providers.
Despite the fact, that Indian service standards are amongst the highest in the world, thanks to our cultural definitions of hospitality, as well as cheap manpower that lets us put out a lot of young, enthusiastic people on-ground.
I follow Swiggy's customer service account on Twitter. Overall, since I started using Swiggy 2 years ago, I found them to be by and large reliable and responsive. They are not by any means a bad service.
But they face a barrage of complaints everyday that clog my timeline.
From vague accusations like 'you deliver stale food' (which is actually not their issue, but the restaurants) to downright distasteful ones like 'your delivery boys lie and cheat'.
It needs training, patience, maturity to reply patiently and request each customer to come onto DM to resolve issues.
I would have lost my temper very quickly.
Kudos to all young people who calmly deal with infuriated Indian customers on call and internet. I have been there myself, and its not pleasant.