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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Netflix goes mobile only, with mass pricing in India, but will it work?

Does Netflix's mobile-only streaming plan, at Rs.250 per month make sense to you, as a strategy to woo Indian subscribers?
It is a radical departure from their worldwide premium pricing strategy. It also makes sense in India where the mobile is the second screen of choice for consumption of personal entertainment.
However, there is a slight catch - the value conscious behaviour of Indians that defies linear marketing logic.
The mobile service, is exclusive to one device.
I have met many young people who 'share' a Netflix subscription with friends or neighbours. At Rs. 800 per month, a premium plan lets 4 viewers simultaneously access 4k video on any device of their choice. Do the math. If they split the subscription 4 ways, its Rs. 200 per month. Does it not represent a better value for money than a mobile only personal plan?
Of course, it adds to the nuisance value of finding friends, pooling in money etc. But we are ready to put up with some nuisance value, for a larger benefit.
It will be interesting to see how consumers react to the plan when its launched. Source : The Verge
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