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Sunday, 14 July 2019

The New Age hero archetype is Everyman/everywoman

Are ‘celebrity goodwill ambassadors’ still relevant in the era of peer-influence and crowd funding?
UN/UNICEF  follow a traditional approach and appoint celebrity ambassadors from the world of Hollywood, Beauty Pageants and Sports, for awareness creation and fund raising.
In reality, ‘Everyman’ and ‘everywoman’ are the heroic figures of our times.
Afroz Shah, Mumbai lawyer who did the impossible job of cleaning our beaches, did what mighty corporations and billionaires could not accomplish.
Arunachalam Muruganathan, the ‘Pad Man’ who created a low cost sanitary napkin, highlighted women’s menstrual issues ,more than any celebrity could.
These are people doing something for their own communities. If our goal is action and behavior change, vs the old world paradigm of ‘awareness creation’, then these are the people whom many would be inspired to support, emulate and look upto. They are also the people, who would inspire others to donate and fund behavior change, because they are authoring it in their own lives.
Instead of using outside heroes, let’s find the heroes within these communities and take their faces and voices to the world. Because, with all it’s shortcomings, the social media age is the age of the authentic hero - everyman and everywoman.