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Monday, 15 July 2019

The value of 'clutchness'

Twitter is praising Djokovic for his 'clutchness' after his gritty win against Federer at Wimbledon.
Yet another term that I need to look up on Urban Dictionary (and I do a lot of it these days 
Clutchness. Noun. (sports) The quality or ability to perform when the pressure is at its climax.
Something that we well understand the value of in medicine, sports, military ops, emergency situations
What's the value of clutchness in corporate life?
Thankfully, most of us do not operate in do or die situations. Our daily decisions typically do not put 
other people's lives, well being and future at risk. 
What we can hold out for, is moral clutchness. 
Can you operate from your best self, when the pressure is at a climax?
You want to scream at a junior for a failure that's gonna cost you time, money and resource to fix. 
You are offered a chance to bribe yourself out of a situation where you are stuck.
Do you take that job that offers more money or the one that offers real growth?
Everyone will have their own examples.
If we can grow 'mental muscle', we can learn 'moral clutchness' too.
It may not win praise on a world stage, but it can save us a lot of time and unhappiness in the long run.