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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Is Net Promoter Score (NPS) an effective measure of customer loyalty?

Is Net Promoter Score (NPS) an effective measure of loyalty, or should we re-examine its utility?
Every time I service my car, I get not one but two panic stricken calls – one from the service advisor and one from the customer service head – both exhorting me to give them ’10 on 10’ when I get a call from the company asking me to rate their services.
Each time I give a rating of 8 (which in my subjective opinion, is a good rating), I get pleading calls asking ‘what is wrong’ and why have I lowered their score.This irriates me. Why should my score not be kept private?
NPS has become a gun that the automobile company holds on the head of the franchisee – and that service advisors hold on my head.
If a company really wants loyalty, they should ask me each time – what were the things we did wrong? What should we improve?
For example NEVER have I been asked, if the service center recommended unnecessary and expensive procedures – which they always do – to get additional revenue. Why skirt the main issue that would actually make me give a low score?
Genuinely understanding areas of improvement vs blindly extracting a score. Which would lead to customer loyalty in the long run?