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Thursday, 21 November 2019

When we talk about Millenials vs Gen Z, we are all aware of our tendancy to typecast and over simplify. Here is a great and well thought out article that explains why - inappropriate attribution of cause.
For example, if you say Gen Z is narcissistic, the same may be true of a younger generation 30 years ago. This is age effect, not generation effect.
If you say young people are more nationalistic today, the truth may be that EVERYONE is more nationalistic today. That's period effect, not generation effect. It's quite hard to pin down what are true generational effects.
Also, even though we live in a more homogenous world, young people can be as diverse as older people in their personality and thinking :) No easy or pat answers. But as with any segment, if you need to target them, understand them well, in all their complexity, and you will be rewarded. Source : The Slate Magazine : The Evidence Behind Generations is lacking
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