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Friday, 10 January 2020

The writing is on the wall - dynastic superiority is ending

The writing is on the wall. Even in traditionally hierarchial societies, we are moving away from dynastic superiority. 'Who I am' and 'what I do' will define and shape identities in the future, not 'where I am from' and 'which family I belong to'
In India, we have seen dynastic right of succession is being challenged - from politics, to Bollywood to business. Being a star son was never a guarantee of success. Now, the public is also critical of unfair advantage given to them, instead of accepting it as a default. Rather our sympathy and support is with the people who came from nowhere, armed with their self belief.
Now, Harry and Meghan's annoucement has created shockwaves in the British Monarchy.
It's a small step towards a truly equal society, but a significant one.
Older people cling to a familiar social structure. It's young people, who seek to liberate themselves from it.
In a world where dynasty and pedigree matter less, the onus (and burden) of freedom is to shape their own destiny. And for the entitled ones, they are expected to earn their entitlement. Ultimately, this change will redefine the societies we live in, who we look up to and most importantly - who we become.
Meghan and Harry step back from royal duties